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Since 2012

Scott Christie is The Stop Smoking Guy - Vancouver's experienced quit smoking hypnotist and hypnosis expert.

Hi, I'm Scott Christie, a certified hypnotist with over 10 years of experience in helping individuals just like you break free from smoking addiction. I have lived in the Vancouver area for over 30 years, and I'm proud to serve the people of this wonderful part of the world.

Experience and expertise combined.

I have been dedicated and fascinated with hypnosis and the power of the imagination for many years, earning my reputation as a highly sought after hypnotist. In addition to helping over a thousand people quit smoking, I also create a unique twist to the world of hypnosis through my comedy stage hypnosis shows, which have amazed audiences all over North America. Laughter truly is a powerful force, and I really enjoy showcasing this unique talent that brings joy and transformation to thousands of people.

A voice in the hypnosis community.

My passion for hypnosis extends far beyond individual hypnotherapy sessions and the entertainment stages. I am regularly sought after to speak and lecturer at hypnosis conferences, including the prestigious HypnoThoughts conference in Las Vegas, the largest hypnosis conference in the world. Learning and sharing knowledge and insights with other experts is something I truly enjoy, as it offers me the ability to continually refine my skills.

Empathetic and positive minded.

Not only do I understand the struggles you face as you try to quit smoking, I truly feel your frustration. But I'm not just here to empathize; I'm here to help you succeed in getting back in control of your life. My positive-minded, upbeat, and fun nature ensures that our sessions are not only effective but also enjoyable. Connecting with and helping people really does define who I am, and I can't wait to help you on your journey to a smoke-free life.

My approach is refreshingly different. If you've tried to quit smoking in the past and are determined to break free from cigarettes forever, give me a call right. It only takes a minute to change your life.

Ready to kick this habit? Let's do this together,

Scott Christie

The Stop Smoking Guy

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World famous celebrity hypnotist, Richard Barker, talks about his experience working with hypnotist Scott Christie - The Stop Smoking Guy.

Happy non-smokers love working with Scott

"For years I struggled to quit smoking. Nothing was working, so I decided to go see Scott and see if hypnosis would work.

I am happy to say I am a non smoker and have been for over 8 years! I never touched another cigarette after that one session and had no desire. It was the best decision I ever made! I highly recommend Scott for anyone who wants to quit smoking."




"After trying to quit several times, without much luck, my sister told me that she finally stopped smoking at one of Scott's hypnosis workshops.

I found The Stop Smoking Guy online and gave it a try - WOW IT WORKED! I have now been smoke free with no cravings for over 2 years now."




"I admit I was skeptical when I walked it to see you but here I am 6 years later and I haven't touched a cigarette since!! You changed my life forever!"




Stop Smoking The Easy Way.

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The Stop Smoking Guy

The Stop Smoking Guy specializes in helping people quit smoking in the greater Vancouver area. Founded by hypnotist Scott Christie in 2012

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