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Questions and answers

How does hypnotherapy help with quitting smoking?

Hypnotherapy focuses on changing subconscious beliefs, behaviors and triggers associated with smoking, making it easier to say no to the thought of smoking. Think of it like this, when you change how you feel about smoking and remove what you believe are the benefits of smoking, it will be easier for you to achieve your goal of not wanting to smoke any longer.

Is hypnotherapy a safe and proven method for quitting smoking?

Yes, absolutely. Hypnotherapy is very safe and an effective method for smoking cessation, with many success stories. It may help think of Hypnosis more in terms of guided meditation.

What makes The Stop Smoking Guy's program better then other treatments?

Our approach is vastly different than any other hypnotist, Lazer, acupuncture or counseling programs in the Vancouver area. Scott, The Stop Smoking Guy takes the time to understand your beliefs and needs when it comes to your habit. Together Scott and you will discover where your unique perspective on smoking and your addiction comes from. It's only once this is understood that a real solution can be put in place. Think of it like this - If you do not know the problem, how can you create a solution?

Understanding and address EACH reason you place value on smoking and cigarettes is the only way to effectively help you achieve long term success.

What is the success rate of The Stop Smoking Guy's program for quitting smoking?

90% of those that truly want to stop smoking succeed with the help of the Stop Smoking Guy. Scott started hypnotizing people to help them quit smoking back in 2012, and over the past decade he has worked with over a thousand clients. Tracking his success through follow up with every client shows that around 90% of his clients quit smoking. Many of these did so with one visit and using the support recordings.

How many sessions will I need to quit smoking?

The Stop Smoking Guy's program is designed to be highly effective in just one powerful hypnotherapy session. Even though individual results may vary the majority of our clients walk away from smoking with just one appointment.

What happens if I need more than one session?

After your stop smoking session, you will receive via email your support recordings. These recordings are very easy to stream over any device and will give the same powerful and empowered feelings that you had at the office session. Also, if additional help or appointments are needed via phone, Zoom or in person these are available to you at no charge.

What happens if I relapse and start smoking again?

Sometimes life happens and that nasty habit creeps its way back into your life. It is my promise and goal that I will help you quit smoking, and help you stay a non-smoker for the rest of your life. If at any time in the first 60 days you find that you are smoking again, I will retreat you at no charge. This is of course only if you are putting your best effort forward and serious about becoming a non smoker.

What can I expect during a hypnotherapy session for smoking cessation?

First off, it's not like what you see in the movies or on TV. During your hypnotherapy session, you'll be guided into a focused state - like meditation, or even the feeling of zoning out. Relaxation is a by-product of hypnosis, and does not always happen, but for most people a very relaxed settles in during your session. In your focused state you feel emotions a bit deeper, and your thoughts stop overthinking allowing you to become much more focused.

Can I really be hypnotized?

In short, YES you can. Hypnosis is a very focused state that you go in and out of all of the time. Have you ever zoned out at school or work? how about being lost in thought as you were driving and drove right past your turn or exit? Or, at the movie theater for 2 to 3 hours just mesmerized by the show? You see, hypnosis is a state that you will feel very comfortable and familiar with.

Why is The Stop Smoking Guy so effective with helping people to Quit Smoking?

Scott, The Stop Smoking Guy, if a full-time hypnotist both in his offices and on stages all over north America. The most important part of any hypnosis treatment is the ability to get you hypnotized, and this is where Scott and his stage experiences really shine. Hypnotizing people on a stage with an audience all around watching is the most difficult space to focus someone’s imagination and mind. However, Scott often works in this environment with amazing success. In your Hypnosis session with Scott, you will definitely know that you have entered hypnosis, in fact, it is guaranteed. You will receive the full benefit of the desired suggestions that we work on during your session.

Are in-person and remote Zoom sessions equally effective?

Both in-person and Zoom sessions are effective. Both options are available to accommodate your preferences and location. If using Zoom for your session it is important to have a location that is free of any distractions (people, pets, work). Additionally, a good set of headphones are required.

How can I prepare for a hypnotherapy session to quit smoking?

There is not much to do. Just out your intake form and bring that to your session. We recommend being well-rested, dressed in comfortable clothing, open to the process, and ready to commit to quitting smoking.

Will I experience withdrawal symptoms after the session?

Hypnotherapy on its own aims to reduce the psychological aspects of wanting to smoke, which can help minimize withdrawal symptoms. In addition, understanding where your cravings come from are even more important to this process. At your appointment Scott will share with you where the vast amount of those cravings come from, and once you understand this, overcoming most of those cravings is easier they you ever imagined.

How quickly does the positive effect of the hypnotherapy session take?

Your one session is very powerful, and most clients have a profound change instantly. By the end of your session, you will not be able to look at your smoking habit the same ever again. Could you leave and smoke, yep, I do not force or make you stop smoking, I give you the tools, knowledge and help you focus your determined mind and thoughts to make your goal of being a non-smoker a reality. Individual results may vary, and Scott offers additional support as needed.

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"For years I struggled to quit smoking. Nothing was working, so I decided to go see Scott and see if hypnosis would work.

I am happy to say I am a non smoker and have been for over 8 years! I never touched another cigarette after that one session and had no desire. It was the best decision I ever made! I highly recommend Scott for anyone who wants to quit smoking."




"After trying to quit several times, without much luck, my sister told me that she finally stopped smoking at one of Scott's hypnosis workshops.

I found The Stop Smoking Guy online and gave it a try - WOW IT WORKED! I have now been smoke free with no cravings for over 2 years now."




"I admit I was skeptical when I walked it to see you but here I am 6 years later and I haven't touched a cigarette since!! You changed my life forever!"




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